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    I’m using this green light to reduce the redness of my skin it can also helps you to relaxed. For me, this is more effective to relax my mind and body.


    As I’ve mentioned to the other thread, you may use different lights. Every light has it’s own benefits so you should check their use. I think you can find information from rubyluxlights.com


    “Hello All,

    I need your help in choosing a therapy type.
    I took a friend’s advice and read through some of the research done on light therapy. Why are near-infrared and red light therapy the most talked-about?. Which should I use?


    It depends on your needs I guess. So it is best to know what you need first so you can depend on that the type of light you will be choosing.


    Yes, I agree with this. it really depends on your needs. As far as I know, red is for anti-aging, blue is for skin treatment and green for relaxation.

    I really suggest you to check the benefits of every lights before getting one.


    If you are going to use lights and other treatment you need to know what are the benefit it will give you and where it will benefit you. You should also have the patience because RLT and NIR is not an instant process.


    @SuzyLou – that is true, each light has their own benefits and use. Some people are getting the result on the 2nd week and some are the 3rd. So, it depends on their body and how they use it.


    There will be different opinions and advice that you will get from this forum some based on their experiences and some based on the researches they have done and also following. But it is all up to you. To what you think you are more comfortable.


    Correct @marjorie1969, whatever we say and whatever our advice is. It is all up to you.


    That is correct, I’m also reading some suggestions here. But, It still depends on my decision.

    Carol Smith

    Based on the question of this thread, I’m using the red light for my sleeping and relaxation. I think it depends on what you need for your body.


    Yes, I agree with that. I think I saw someone posted on the other thread about the different uses of each bulb.


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Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)
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