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    I was given this and would like to try it but I do not know just what it is.

    No make or model number, has a power cord but no on off switch. Measures 17.25″ x 11″ x 2.75″.the bulbs are clear but they light up a painfully blinding red light.

    The only markings are on the back: a metal plate reads H-008 and a sticker ROHS

    ANY help is greatly appreciated.

    Is there a way to include / post a picture?


    Hi Fishguy,

    You can upload a photo to a free image sharing site, like Then just post a link to the photo here.

    RoHS is a European Union safety rule for electronic consumer products. It stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. If a product is RoHS compliant, it means the product follows the EU rules for limiting/being free of certain toxic substances. Compliant products are marked with a RoHS stamp or sticker. This is good news for safety, but it doesn’t tell us much about what kind of light you have.

    Your light might be a red light therapy light, but that depends on the wavelength, intensity and specs of the light. Alternatively, you might only have an LED panel for plants. Do you have any info on the brand or where it was purchased?

    Take care with the light- you don’t want to shine it into your eyes or stare into any sort of bright light. Especially if it causes discomfort or impairs your vision.


    Hi Fishguy,

    i think you received a infrared heat lamp or something similar to that. You can go check google out if they are the same.

    If you are to use the red light, I assure you, you will not be sorry as it does not have any bad effects to the body. But just like Bambi said, you just` have to be careful with your eyes as it might impair your vision.


    Marianne, can you suggest a good eye protection when using NIR light lamp?


    Hello DefianceLulu, I am no expert when it comes to precautions. Though, I would suggest what I am using. I am using RubyLux’s protective goggles. I hope it will suit you well too.


    How can I post a picture here? I want to show what my goggles looks like.


    Misspurple you can try and click the IMG button on the comment section and put the URL off the picture you want to show.


    I am using a regular sunglasses though. You think that’s enough protection or I need to upgrade to protecting googles too?


    Hmm. using a regular sunglasses might or might not work for protecting your eyes. So I guess if you think it is helping you as much as the goggles will, it’s fine.


    @catherine I tried that too. But it did not work for me. have you tried that feature in this forum?


    So, I saw this Sperti UV eye protection for light therapy but I’m not really sure if this really works. Any idea about this?


    @HilaryFairy I guess that will work if you are using LED red light. I would suggest to use these RubyLux Basic Goggles if you are using infrared lights. These goggles block the overwhelming majority of infrared light and brightness of visible light- and they even protect against UV rays! (Note: RubyLux bulbs do not emit UV rays.)


    Yeah, DefianceLulu is correct, I’m also using RubyLux for a couple of months now and it really works for me.


    As for me, I’m also using rubylux for 4monthsnow. I haven’t tried any other bulbs so, I’ll continue using this since I don’t see any problem.



    I am using this kind of Lamp. Do you think what he is describing is the same with mine?

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