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    Hey everyone, I’m about to start a course of light therapy at my hospital soon. Hoping I can hear experiences first hand and the result…

    Also does it help with scarring? or what’s the recommended for scarring? Thanxxxx


    I am about to go to this treatment too, but my doctor said it won’t help with the scarring? Plus because I am asian and already have hyperpigmentation and deep dark scars, they said it may become darker T_T

    I’m reluctant. it either gets the scars worse or look worse! nothing positive to get out of it.


    well i’ve aged and having it done now its called phototherapy…

    You stand naked in a plastic blue phone box thing with goggles on and your hair tied up … you can keep your pants on if you like, but then you always have to keep your pants on…i stand naked but i keep my pants on when i am on my period … and so far nobody has said anything ..oh yeah men have to wear thongs . after …so not on the same day treatment you have to moisturise afterwards if you don’t your skin feels and looks like leather and looks dry ashy/ flaky . You also have to keep out of sunlight and i was told not to have a wash before treatment or after so basically not on the same day. I go in twice a week so far but i wish it 3 so i could see results faster or if it don’t work stop treatment and try something else.

    I have had 4 treatments so far . to be honest i really have not noticed much of a difference yet in terms of my eczema, however, about 5 hours after treatment my skin turns pinkish red and i feel very itchy . the nurse said this itching was normal and i must keep moisturising. well i do grease up but your clothes are ruined and sticky afterwards.

    i have to pre-soak and wash them twice to get the slime out…at the moment i am using 50% liquid paraffin with 50% soft white paraffin. This is such a greasy cream.

    Point to note is when i do itch after treatment i am back to square one in tearms of how my eczema looks so i think it may not be working but so far not sure. The nurse said after 10 treatments you should see if its working.
    Anyway i am on a 13 seconds quick flash of this stuff now so still very new at this. Once my goggles was not on properly and i could see the blue light i quickly closed my eyes…that was dangerous.
    anyone else on this please get in touch i would love to find out how its going for others


    Light therapy and especially red light therapy has been proven to be effective for a number of skin conditions including rosacea and eczema.

    The are some quality home devices, so its not necessary to go to a salon every time for treatment if you find that it works for you and it its way more cost effective.

    I recommend reading around the threads here and you’ll definitely gain a lot of information


    A lot of people I know said this worked for them but I can’t personally say that it is the same for me. I’m still at the point of looking around and gathering good and bad points.

    My eldest son was referred for it about 9 months ago by the dermatologist he was seeing at that time. My husband and I decided against it since my son is only 5 and we were worried since I’ve read a lot that it is not recommended for kids who are so young.

    But my youngest, a 15 month old, benefits from the RLT thingy because of her night light. So honestly, we are in the middle of it. we approve of it at certain points i guess?


    Wow! Amazing insights!! Thanks so much everyone, looking forward to hearing more.

    I’ve heard various stories from parents doing this for their kid but mostly for toddlers who have sleep issue. Why did the dermatologist recommend light therapy for your kiddo @MomOfGrace?

    Thanks @MarshaScott !! I have been here for a while now and I’m currently getting my reads up on the topics. I was AWOL for awhile lol

    thanks for sharing your experience! Are you doing it for a skin condition??? that sounds like such an experience! how is it going for you???

    sorry to hear that. i hope it helps with your scarring and doesnt turn out like what the doctor had said. i’ve read some experiences here saying it helped with their scarring so i’m hopeful on mine….


    I am personally only been just using it to ease my muscle pain, but after reading the comments and recommendations from this forum I am now using it and see where it will go. So I think it is also a trial and error thing and how dedicated are you to do this thing to achieve the results you want to see.


    We’re on the same page. I actually have a lot of questions still even I am already using RLT. But as browsing through these threads, some of them were answered.


    @Renee what are you going to use it for in the hospital? <3 i am hoping for your fast recovery.


    actually my hospital used that to me when I was a kid but I forgot already what it was for.


    Red light therapy helps promote healing and may work to decrease the visibility of scarring. It also has anti-inflammatory capabilities. Red light therapy works deep below the surface of your skin to help soothe and repair tissue. But I want to tell you know, if scar is big and deep it might take some time.


    I suggest you go through the topics in this forum. you will learn A LOT and there are tips as well that you can use in the future if you like it.


    @yayanyayan i agree. i learned a lot just by browsing the forum.

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