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    I love the idea behind red light therapy, no doubt. Still, I want to know if red light really works on cellulite. Is there any clinical or research showing it does work? or is it just anecdotal?


    I have a cousin who saw improvements while using Rubylux. It definitely helped on her journey to ditch cellulite. It’d be great to understand how red light helps in treating cellulite!

    Looking forward to someone giving an answer to this question. Definitely looking forward to taking full advantage of red light therapy (I already use this once in a while).

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    grace peach

    Hello iambeautiful,

    You’ve got a really lovely username! I have done some research on the effect of red light therapy on cellulite myself. It was nothing very ‘clinical’, but I am very sure it does work.

    Take the words of Paolillo and his research team who found out after a trial on women between age 35 to 55 that red light therapy helped women using a treadmill shed off much cellulite compared to those who didn’t used red light therapy with their training.

    Here is the LINK to their study. Enjoy the read!

    grace peach

    Hey Cynthia,

    Yes, I also believe that rubylux is a fantastic product. Do check out the link I shared with @iambeautiful. You would find more answers and ‘science facts’ in there.



    Hello Grace,

    Thank you very much for the reply you have given me.
    I am presently looking through the link you shared with me, very impressive and I will get back to you once I am done looking through it.

    Thanks again.


    Hi Grace,

    thank you for sharing that. I will make sure to let my Auntie know about this she is trying to get rid of her cellulites. I am sure she will be happy that red light can help her with that too as I was always recommending red light therapy for her.


    You can also check this link out

    Red Light Therapy for Cellulites : Does It Really Work?

    red light helps reduce weight gain and significant fat loss. It is a long article but is a great knowledge.


    Ohh this is quite a read. I haven’t thought of RLT to help with cellulite too! Now I guess I need to do this on my thighs too to see if it will work for me too!


    Women of all ages who gain weight get cellulite as well. cellulite removal can be tough, women have been exercising for quite a while to remove cellulite however they have not been successful in removing the cellulite completely. However, women who exercise and get red light therapy done have seen notable differences.

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