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    Can red light therapy reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging? I’m 24 but look like I’m 35 already according to my friends, probably because of stress. I want to know what therapy I can do to remain young-looking or at least look my age. Someone suggested red light therapy, and I’ve been researching about it. Any information about it would really help me decide if I should go for it. Thank you.

    smith becky

    Hi Emiko,
    I think we are in the same boat, I was advised to use light therapy by a friend, although my own case happens to be acne.

    Generally, I see light therapy as a solution to many skin and facial issue. Hope you get the response you are hoping for.


    grace peach

    Hi emiko-hime,

    I do understand your needs. I was in similar condition a few years, I looked older than I actually was and I decided to make a change in caring for my body. I’ve had a great run ever since discovering light therapy, particularly red light therapy.

    The skin is our beauty source, and in order to revert any aging effects, you need to not only treat yourself with red light therapy, but also embrace a great positive mindset.

    Red light will work for you. Whether it be wrinkles, fine lines and aging effects, red light will have a huge impact. I am saying all these from my own personal experience and from research/clinical trials that has been done over time.

    Stay Beautiful!


    It will work for you.
    I have used rubylux nir bulbs on a three lamp hold stand for 2 weeks now and I am glad I chose to put my faith in light therapy. However, you do have to take care of yourself and work on your stress level too.

    Interestingly, I found myself to be more psychologically stable after I started using this therapy. And viola, other people mentioned that light therapy helps them with their stress level.

    Try it emiko….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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