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    Hi all!

    I can’t decide on which would be more beneficial to my mental health… Red light or the morning sun?

    I’d definitely appreciate your thoughts on this. TIA!


    Good day to you Rosiee!

    I am no expert when it comes to science… but both have their pros and cons. Red light can protect you with potential harm of sunlight while improving your mood and calming yourself for your mental health. However, red light cannot provide you with Vitamin D for your skin, which the morning sun naturally stimulate…

    You can always try and I suggest what me and my husband is doing… We use the red light during sunrise every morning and during sunset every evening.

    I hope I answered your question.


    Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely keep this into mind.


    Please let me know how it turns out for you. Can you tell me who recommend for you to use red light for your depression? If you do not mind at all though.


    Hello Rosiee,

    Light therapy for bipolar disorders is a useful tool. It’s clearly more than a placebo. Dawn simulators are the first step (much easier to use, cheaper, no risk). Unless depression is severe, where you might go straight to using a light box. Read the safety section and watch out for worsening of mood.

    Here’s an article about it
    Light therapy for bipolar depression


    My brother has schizophrenia. I wonder if this would help him…


    I’ve heard that light therapy can help improve depression on daily use.


    Researchers found that red light therapy applied directly to patients’ heads demonstrated antidepressant properties in patients with major depressive disorder. Safe and easy to use. Natural light treatments were well tolerated by patients, with no serious side effects or negative reactions.

    Functional near-infrared spectroscopy/therapy for schizophrenia has been progressing rapidly in the field of psychiatry, as it provides several advantages, such as small size, portability, silent functioning, and the achievement of easy and non-invasive measurements. A part of these results was approved in 2009 as one of the Advanced Medical Technologies as an aid for the differential diagnosis of depressive symptoms, which was the first such approval in the field of psychiatry in Japan.

    Read more here..


    While reading about this discussions I’ve found this information that might help some of your questions Read here.

    Justine Charles

    Ohh, so Red light therapy also treat depression? this is really interesting!


    A lot in store for me then, I wonder what else RLT can help treat/cure? I am already on count of all these relief and confused why RLT and NIR is not that popular and underrated by the public?


    With a red light therapy device like the Joovv, you can get more real, natural light in your own home, even when it gets dark before the workday ends. With a quality device, you can get a full day’s worth of natural light in just 10-15 minutes, no matter what the weather is like. Because red light therapy is so easy to use and low to no risk, red light therapy is likely to become a mainstream seasonal depression treatment in the coming years. Forward-thinking physicians agree and are already using natural light to treat depression.


    I also agree with Sunny pretty accurate information.


    But isn’t Joovv too expensive? I mean they work exactly the same as others and specs are the same too. Before buying my device now, I am planning to buy Joovv but decided not to because it is too expensive.


    Actually, my grandfather used to be a sad person before maybe because he is feeling old. But, after using this therapy he is more alive and feeling healthy haha

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