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    smith becky

    What is the advantage of red and blue light therapy? I was thinking of getting phototherapy for my acne, which of the therapies would work best?
    Thanks in advance!

    grace peach

    Hey Becky,

    I haven’t used blue light therapy, but I have first hand experience with red and near infrared light therapies. I do have friends who had used it before though.

    Could you state what result you intend on achieving? what are you hoping to treat with light therapy?


    smith becky

    Hi Grace,
    You may have skipped the part where I said ” I was thinking of getting photo-therapy for my acne”. lol.
    I appreciate your help and I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

    grace peach

    I am really sorry about that!. Must have skipped that line.
    Personally, and factually, you will get the best benefits using both therapies. Blue light is known for killing acne-causing bacteria by creating oxygen molecules.

    However, where red light comes to play is for its healing and anti-inflammation property. Red light heals up acne faster and helps you in a multi-purpose way.

    So, I say, get both!. Don’t miss out on the red!.

    Stay Beautiful!.

    smith becky

    Lol, thought as much, you must have skipped that part.

    I replied to your previous comment and I see the advantages when using the two light therapy types.

    Grace, you are amazing!


    You would benefit from combination red and blue light therapy.


    Will there be any side effect if I use both lights to treat some acne marks too?


    Nikki. As far as I know both therapy does not have any bad side effects when it comes to healing your acne marks. Both blue and red light are beneficial. They just have a different effect to how you will use it. Red light has a slightly longer wavelength than blue light.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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