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    Hello guys, I just want to know if I am the only one who is using the SAD light from RubyLux? Can you give me some tips on how I can feel a lot more energy.

    The light from the light box is doing it’s job making me feel a little less lonely and feel like the sun is up even though it’s winter and chilly. It’s just that I feel a little tired all the time. Do you have any recommendation I should do or not do?


    I suggest you do the things you normally do when it is summer. Unless it includes being outside. You can also learn a new hobby. Like cooking, baking or even knitting. That’s what my sister is doing. She is learning how to bake because when she’s not doing anything, her anxiety is taking it’s toll on her. I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time this season. I may not know how it feels, but I know what it looks like. There’s always “light” 🙂


    I agree with @RoseBud you can make yourself a lot more occupied by doing things you like or learning new things. There’s a clear relationship between environmental light — sunlight — and mood, what light therapy attempts to do is to overcome a little bit of that lack of light with artificial light.


    I just found out the meaning of SAD and I am sorry to hear that you are suffering this kind of feeling. If you do not mind me asking, when did you start feeling the SAD?


    Well, if you’re having this kind of depression. I suggest you to try the green light therapy. Daily exposure to green light was just as effective in treating depression symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder.


    I agree with all of the things they have said. You should try to do things you don’t normally do you might get a new hobby and love it!


    @MissKate – speaking of less lonely, I think green light can help you on that. and also It can help you to relax.


    Oh yeah, I also read from other thread that if you’re lacking of energy you may try that green light. It can help you to boost your energy every morning.


    I also use SAD light that I bought from RubyLux. I am an alone man for 2 years already. it helps me think positive and do things I was not normally doing before having this light.


    @GeoLad – I haven’t tried this SAD light yet, Is it really effective?


    @MomOfGrace – for someone with this kind of disease, I guess yes. It is a temporary cure and /or relief for them especially during the season that this emotion hits them.


    what is a sad light lamp?


    First of all, I cannot think of what to say because that feeling must be so hard for you but I know that you are strong enough to overcome and share your struggles with us who are reading here. I am glad that you also find release using a SAD Light Lamp.


    Me too, I cannot fathom how you feel especially now that there are protocols that need to be followed whenever we go outside because of this pandemic.


    please let me know if it effective and what does it looks like and lastly where can I buy it? My bestfriend have this.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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