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    <br><p> Abstract: the influence of these applications is steadily increasing, and troubles and uncertainties are taking part in the download apps download process. These risks relate specifically to privacy, including the lack of access to the way the full names for which the application is accessed are processed. Because there is a gap in research in this area, the purpose of this analysis was to study the impact of familiarity, recommendations with a variety of sources and valences, and, among other things, the sensitivity of the permissions required by the application. To investigate these effects, a survey was conducted with the help of 285 german participants. During the survey, the participants were exposed to eight different scenarios leading them through the upload process during which operations with variables were performed. The results of the study demonstrate that communication only always affects people’s perception of technical risks, however, it does not help to reduce their concerns about anonymity or the general perception of risk. Namely, the sensitivity of the permissions required by the application has an impact on the security risk and the overall perception of risk. In addition, it was shown that the study participants highly valued their private existence, which, as it was found, influenced people’s perception of risk, and also on the gaming intention to download. Relying on the results, it was shown that users are required to provide guarantees to protect their privacy during the download progress in order to get rid of their skeptical approach and telephone concerns. There is a special need for further research into the mechanisms underlying the decisions on downloading programs and situations affecting people’s security issues.</p><br><br>

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