anti-aging and red light therapyI first learned about red light therapy, low level light therapy, and near-infrared saunas researching ways I could help myself deal with Lyme disease and co-infections. As I incorporated my findings into my treatment, I improved a great deal. But back then, these therapies weren’t cheap. Devices for at-home use started at $200. Full-body treatments required $8K and weeks-long stay in Germany. Such high costs put these valuable therapies outside the reach of many people.

I strongly felt that red light therapy and other forms of LLLT should be more affordable and more people should know about them. These beliefs ultimately led me to start a business and to start this website. My hope is that more people will learn how red light therapy, LLLT and near-infrared saunas can help them. And since I know many people believe “pics or it didn’t happen”, I have posted before and after red light therapy photos of various problems LLLT has helped me with.

This site is part of my efforts to spread the word about LLLT and sauna therapy. Everything stated here is strictly my own opinion or the opinion of the article’s author. I am not a medical professional. Nothing mentioned on this site should be taken as medical advice. Instead, I invite you to consider the information you read here as a starting point for your own research and for discussing the matter with your doctor.

I hope you will find this site interesting and helpful.

– Bambi