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    One thing that bothers me is if red and near infrared light is capable of causing cancer.. can it lead to cancerous cells.

    I do know that sunlight in the excess can cause skin burns and other conditions that may result in cancer of the skin, since light therapies mimic sunlight, isn’t it capable of causing skin cancer?.

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    grace peach

    The safety of light therapy is very high. It can not cause skin cancer.

    I have used rubylux product extensively and one of the the pros of using these product is that it doesn’t contain UV rays. UV rays are what makes sunlight rays dangerous for your health when it is in excess. Red light emitting diodes are safe, and do not contain any UV rays.

    Carefully follow directives when using any product. Maintain required distance away from skin, minutes of use, frequency and normal safety precautions.

    Use red light and near infrared therapy with confidence.

    (Lover of Light Therapy. )


    This is a Big No! Grace has said it all, UVA rays are not part of the therapy.

    I only started using nir light therapy 15 days back, but I have tons of friends who have been using it for many years already.


    It’s the other way around I guess because there is a study still going on stating that RLT helps eliminates cancer cells. If you are interested you can check it out here on this article

    Tuning light to kill deep cancer tumors


    I’ve read that it can prevent skin issues because it’s only using a low wavelength red light.


    I never thought of this can be an issue because as much as we should fear medicines going through our bloodstreams and inside our body, the light is just penetrating your skin and helps your tissues and muscles.


    I’ve read that, aids with short-term relief of pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis. reduces some of the side effects of cancer treatments, including oral mucositis. improves skin complexion and builds collagen to diminish wrinkles. helps to mend sun damage. You may also read everything here.


    I think I can learn everything here. Thanks for sharing!


    I do not think about that. I am very focused on how it cures and helps me. Thanks grace peach for clarifying.


    As far as I know, this therapy won’t cause cancer and it’s actually a treatment to our body.


    @iambeautiful if you do not mind me asking. Why did you think it will cause cancer? is it something that you heard of?


    hmmm. I don’t think this therapy can cause some skin cancer because red light is more into anti-aging and blue is more into skin treatments like acne and a lot of things.


    I was also curious if it can damage the eyes if used for a long time, say maybe 20-30 years?


    @DemonSlayer – I think for the safety of your eyes, you should use some eye protection.

    Justine Charles

    @DemonSlayer – Oh yeah, as I’ve mentioned to the other threads you may try this one. Basic goggles

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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