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    Red light therapy is completely safe and a procedure that emulates the health enriching natural process of absorbed red light. Specifically, it is a process that does not expose you to UVA and UVB rays present in sunlight, hence a very safe process.

    However, most of the safety concerns arise from human factors and product handling. Red light bulbs containing toxic coatings should be completely avoided. These coatings are used to shatterproof bulbs to last longer but are emitted gradually during heated use.

    Burns, skin damage and unwanted effects may occur when red light therapy is not administered well. Unprotected eyes may receive damage and therefore should be avoided using proper red light-blocking shades or blinds.

    Anna K

    I did my research on this and there have been no knows side effects for using red light therapy. Which is such a relief! I love my lights and I have been getting great skin, lesser headaches and menstrual cramps. I am currently monitoring if my hair will grow healthier as well. It’s been so amazing!


    wow! I am learning a lot of things on this forums about red light. I just ordered and now I am planning to order more for other rooms in my house. Can you recommend which place should I place some red lights?


    Hi mommyheart! I recommend placing a red light on either your bedroom or your bathroom. I actually have on in my bedroom and it works wonders! I placed one in my daughter’s room too



    thank you for your tips! I will do that. I currently have one as a lamp on my bedside, I am using it before going to sleep. Do you think it is alright to leave it on over night or it is a bad idea?

    Thank you for answering me.


    I am using it for 3 months now and I just joined this forum. There’s a lot I didn’t know. But to answer your question, there have been no bad side effects for me.


    Same here, though not everyone is the same. You should follow precautions as well. I have never experienced bad side effects till now.


    based on all the research, no known bad side effects are known connected to RLT.


    You should know your body and skin type and check if light therapy is good and suitable for your type. Some lights if not used properly and with care might leave a red mark or burn you.


    A neighbor of mine hates RLT saying it was the cause of so many sickness of hers.
    But all I can say personally is that for me it is perfect. Absolutely perfect and had been the answer to all my woes!


    Maybe your neighbor, Renee, is not following the simple steps or precautions when using red light. I am not the one to judge since before I know the steps, I have been using it wrong for days. Lol


    I’m planning to buy this red light therapy but I’m curious if anyone of you had some side effects on using this? I heard that you may have some skin allergies from this. is that true?


    Hi, I’ve read that there‚Äôs also a potential risk of damage to the eyes. Although safer on the eyes than traditional lasers, proper eye protection may be necessary while undergoing red light therapy.

    Paige M

    Hi, I saw this article that might help us answer some of our questions. Click here


    Hello MamaGee, as for skin allergies I am not sure, maybe some burns and blistering but not skin allergies as red light and infrared light helps cure discoloration and other skin issues.

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