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    smith becky

    I’ve heard many testimonies on the effect of red light on eyesight improvement. Hw can this be, seeing that most red light therapists advise the use of eye covers?

    Anna K

    I have very poor eyesight, this is very interesting.

    grace peach

    Yes, it is advised to keep your eyes covered during a red light therapy session. You may be wondering how then eyesight may improve, yeah? These are some useful clinical research that are quite definitive on how this happens.

    Do let me know if you need further info on this.

    smith becky

    Thank you, Grace, the links helped a ton and I ended up finding other research that helped cement it.

    You rawk!


    Also you can try and I recommend you to use this product if you want improvements with your eyesight while doing light therapy.

    SAD Bright Light Therapy Glasses

    I hope this helps


    yayanyayan. Do you think this is suitable for kids as well? I don’t quite see it on the website or description of the product.


    oh wow yayanyayan. That’s the first time I saw that product. Nice find. Thank you so much for sharing as I am busy during the day.


    grace peach those are great reads. Thank you, I have a poor eye sight too. I might go check it with my doctor once I’m using it for a long time.


    Hello Kimmy, light therapy as it is is safe for kids as well as young adults.


    Also, I come across at this article. Here are some ways how RLT restore more healthy cellular function in the eye.

    How Does Red Light Therapy Restore More Healthy Cellular Function in the Eyes?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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