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    skin lover

    Hey there,

    So, I am at the planning stage of building a sauna for myself and the family use. I have asked a handful of persons what they used and some always mentioned I just set up a heat room, a couple have advised I get a far infrared setup. I am still skeptical about these though until I tried a near-infrared sauna while in London.

    Should I get a near infrared sauna set up?, What are the benefits and disadvantages. I am torn between far and near infrared. Also, I am considering the rubylux near-infrared bulbs for building the sauna if I ever conclude on which setup to build.

    Thanks. . .

    grace peach

    I know it can get pretty confusing, but it shouldn’t necessarily be. While any Sauna can heat the body, you need one that is effective and health beneficial.

    Although a normal sauna can get hot, it doesn’t have as many health benefits since the heat doesn’t penetrate the skin. A far-infrared sauna will cost you more on the electricity bill and is not very healthy since your body is exposed to much more electromagnetic fields.

    Using a near-infrared light will give so much benefit since near-infrared light heats the body effectively rather than the entire enclosure. On a more succinct note, you will get the health benefits of light therapy such as stress relief, anti-oxidation, cellular healing, and deep skin penetration.

    Using a high quality near-infrared bulb to build your sauna is by far, a better option.

    Stay Healthy!


    I like saunas. I have tried tons of sessions, but it always felt very uncomfortable for me and couldn’t be in one for a long time. I hear near-infrared sauna are more beneficial compared to the traditional saunas.

    If you are seeking more health benefits, then a near-infrared installation using NIR-A bulbs is worth every penny.

    skin lover

    Skin Lover here, I’d like to thank you for the response. I feel more enlighthened and it seems to me that red light therapy may just be the answer for my family.

    , I have also had that problem with traditional saunas. I sweat on the surface and it does get uncomfortable pretty quick.

    My husband is already setting up the enclosure for the sauna and I am considering getting the rubylux near infrared bulbs @grace mentioned.

    Lastly, is the EMF from far infrared sauna not same as that of near infrared light therapy bulbs bulbs?

    grace peach

    Hey Skin Lover,

    How is your custom sauna building going? Has it been completed yet?

    In the course of my experience, I did notice the ruby lux NIR bulbs are one of the best out there. When compared to far-infrared saunas, a rubylux near infraed powered sauna has super low EMF emissions.

    You might want to hook up an EMF testing kit in your sauna just to check for yourself.

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