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    I know this is a relatively new thing and perhaps no first hand experience with it… Can red light help coronavirus?! I am just wondering in theory what it does for immunity.

    Anna K

    That’s something to ponder! Altho, I have read tons when it comes to red light or near infared light therapy helping with immunity boosting. It may not cure coronavirus but it will help with strengthening the immune system.

    smith becky

    Indirectly, I think near-infrared light can help people recover/ reduce the effect of infection since stronger immunity is also a product of infrared light therapy. One of the core reasons why the older populations are more prone to serious/critical states when infected is due to low immunity.

    It sure does, indirectly.


    I guess that what most health practitioners all over the world is telling everybody to build a stronger immunity so if in any case the virus hits them it won’t affect them that much unlike those who have weaker immune system. And as per the comments above me, I agree. Indirectly, it helps reduce the infection in our bodies.


    We are all not sure about this because even experts do not know the solution just yet but I think smith becky is correct at the same time. it has an indirect effect.


    And also, it is not a good idea to rely with just the RLT because we all know even acne scars and muscle pain needs a lot of session and daily use before we see great results.


    I guess the thought was passed on properly here. I mean, It can somehow help with your health but we should not primarily depend on the NIR and RLT per se.


    I think Red light therapy can’t cure virus such as covid-19 but it can help you to boost your immune system. You may also check this for the article.


    The use of RLT to treat infections is in its infancy and faces several limitations that need to be overcome for its significant future application as therapeutics for infectious diseases. Key issues to address will be methods for delivery of both light and photosensitizer to sites of infection. Because delivery of light is almost by definition a localized process, PDT for infection is limited to the areas of body where light can be delivered relatively easily such as skin and body cavities.

    Paige M

    I just read that the light in the red and near infrared light spectra can reduce lung inflammation, lung fibrosis, pneumonia, acute respiratory disorders, and other severe complications of coronavirus infections. You can check the full article here.


    This thread is a good read. Especially it is very timely. I am an old man now and thinking about the virus, I can’t help but be worried. Now, I am not that worried anymore since I have been using red light regularly. However, still needs to be careful


    Thanks for sharing Paige it’s a great info!


    that’s great. even a grown man like me is afraid to go outside and risk my and my family’s health because of the virus. great i invested in this red light lamp.


    Nowadays it’s really scary to go outside and it’s really a relief that we can use this therapy to boost our immune system to avoid this kind of virus.


    Red and/or NIR light seems to be an “immune nutrient” that supports optimal immune function in a wide variety of different scenarios and health conditions. It seems to be able to positively affect immune function in the right direction, potentially, regardless of whether someone has low immune function during an infection or has an overly active and imbalanced immune system due to autoimmune disease.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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