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    Red Light Therapy should be a part of a much extensive routine for caring for your skin and health. It isn’t a miracle cure either but has been seen from various studies and anecdotal reports to have great potential benefits. If reducing inflammations and treating your skin to radiance care, then red light therapy is one you should definitely consider. Contact a practitioner before using this therapy if you are unsure or have a health condition that may be dim unfit for its use.

    Cost of Red Light Therapy
    Generally, using and implementing RLT is relatively cheap and manageable. RLT is available in many gyms, tanning saloons/places, saunas, dermatology spots, wellness centers, companies and a host of other places. You can get these devices in different forms and packages, but be careful what you buy and make sure they are indeed safe to use.

    Are There Insurance Coverage?
    When it comes to insurance, RLT is in the real sense, not medicine and therefore there isn’t any insurance coverage available to the general use of these procedures. If having any doubt, or unsure if RLT is good for you, contacting a practitioner is the best move. Be certain of the wavelength of the devices you use and that these wavelength falls within the required numbers.


    Yes Author you are right. especially if you are still new and unsure. It is best to consult someone who is an expert/practitioner. That’s what I did before ordering my red light. I asked my doctor if it is something that would be bad for my health. He said that it won’t have andno proven claims that there will be negative effect for my health but be sure to always maintain proper diet as red light therapy is something that should be done on a regular basis to achieve optimal result. Thank you for this advice, author.


    I am using blue light. Do you think I should switch to red light now because of its benefits? I am not expecting it to miraculously heal all my acne at once because blue light therapy has been great as well. Or should I ask an expert too?


    Miss LittleRed, if you think blue right is doing you good I suggest you to keep doing blue light therapy. However, based on your curiosity, just to feed it, why not try both? Or try red light for a couple of months and see if there will be optimal results than the blue light. Do not take me wrong I do not want you to be a human guinea pig, but that is just my suggestion.


    Whoever this Anonymous author are, know what he/she is talking about. This is far more informative and covers the pros and cons of using red light therapy and NIR light therapy. I am sure there are a lot of articles and research out there than can solidify this thread. I am happy that this community gives a lot of knowledge when it comes to stuffs like this.


    Thanks for this introduction about RLT. Is there a way we can pin it above because some members might have missed this thread.


    Yeah I missed this too.


    Absolutely helpful article. Thank you very much for this ^_^

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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