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    Millie Garcia

    Hey! Due to this pandemic, my hours have been so messed up and I do not have a routine anymore on what time I do my infared light therapy. Have you been having troubles as well? Or how were you able to manage to stick to your schedule?

    Anna K

    I am just about to start infared light therapy. Do I have to stick to a schedule for it to be effective?


    I don’t really have a strict schedule, to be honest. red light therapy for me works anytime of the day. It hasn’t ever interfered with my sleep.


    I use mine daily. I do not have strict schedule that I am following when using it. I just use it once for morning and before going to sleep. anytime of the day is alright. And there are no set rules on how much light to use. Red light therapy is generally considered safe and effective when used regularly.


    I use it with a companion, my pet, and normally I use it when it’s time for relaxing. It helps me calm down and have a nap. after the said nap, I will wake up happily as it increase my energy.

    Same here, due to the pandemic a lot of things got messed up for me too. But luckily I have more time to take care of myself at home.


    Hi. I searched online and found out that the most optimal time of using red light therapy is during morning or evening around the time of sunrise and sunset. Cause it kind of mimic’s the sun’s natural red and NIR light.


    For me, it’s most effective during night time. It helped not only my sleeping pattern but for my daughter too.


    I use it when I wake up early but when I wake up late I use it when bed time. Helps me relax and have a great day.


    I use mine whenever I got free time. And mostly when I am soaking in the tub. That’s the time that I am relaxing the most. Normally during night time before meal. But as what they said. There is no schedule for you to do it. Whatever suits your schedule well, you can work on that.


    I only use mine when going to sleep so my eyes are already shut when using it. Do you think I should still wear googles even if my eyes are already closed?


    I use mine anytime I have free time as I am always busy. Sometimes I forget about it during night time. But during day time as long as I have free time I will use my NIR light.


    I am as the same as Rosiee. I use it at night same as with my kids. My husband is working abroad but I am recommending it to him to soothe him on his sleep.


    It is really up to you when you think it is suitable for you to use it. There is no right or wrong time on when you can use it. You can all take the advice of all us here, but still you are still the one follow your own schedule it is not necessarily strict.


    if the primary (or initial) reason is to lower pain to allow for rest, using the light before bed may be great. And, if combined with pulsing frequencies that calm the nervous system – the LLLT can aid in better sleep.

    The Red or near Infrared Light Therapy helps to lower pain, increase circulation and stimulate cellular respiration and repair. By pulsing the light at specific pulse rates (frequencies) we can either Activate or Sedate the nervous system at the same time


    It just occur to me. Do you gals think there will be difference depending on the weather? I mean, if I use it daily during summer where the sun is seen the most, how about during winter? Will there be any difference when it comes to it’s performance or result?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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