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    Have you noticed any difference with your immune system since you started Infrared Light Therapy?

    Millie Garcia

    At first, you would not notice it so much. I have never been sickly ever since but when I feel pain, like menstrual cramps for example. It really does help! For the immune system, I can say that it really does help but it should not be the sole thing you rely on when it comes to boosting ones immune system.


    Totally agree with the previous comment. It does have benefits for the immune system but it does not mean that it’s what is for. I initially use mine for skin care but now, it also helps a lot with pain management. I used to have headache often but not anymore!

    Anna K

    Based on research – Red light therapy can also increase nitric oxide, the compound that heals the cells and increases the blood flow which may help to stimulate healing and strengthen your immune system to defend against disease; regulate your blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Basically, again as mention on the other comments, it’s not just for the immune system and should not be the only source as for how you make it stronger.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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