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    smith becky

    While awaiting the answer to the other questions I asked recently, I still have one more to ask. Sorry, but it is in my nature to be very inquisitive about things I use for my body. Bear with me.

    How long does it take to start seeing results when using red light to treat my face and skin, particularly for acne and fine lines. It would be really helpful to get an answer to my question. Has anyone tried red light therapy? Advise me..

    grace peach

    Hello becky,

    In the early days of red and NIR light therapy, the phrase “Miracle cure” was thrown around. While red light works, it is no miracle cure. It works for some users better than others.

    As an example, I had to use rubylux about three times before I saw improvements, however, it took my neighbor just one day before she saw improvement. I was damn impressed. What I have come to realize is that the answer is dependent on a variety of things.

    1. Skin type
    2. Condition being treated
    3. How often and frequency of use
    4. Genetics (Yes, this matters)

    If you use light therapy, you will see improvements for your fine lines and acne no matter the factors. Give it time, it may take between 2 therapy sessions to 7 and beyond. You will definitely see improvements.

    (Just another Light Therapy User)
    Taking a before and after photo of your face will definitely help you track improvements.

    grace peach

    As a follow up to my comment, fine lines may take a bit longer between 2 to 3 weeks on average.

    My use on day 3 showed little improvements, however, I could see real improvement after roughly 11 days.

    You also need to realize that using red light for fine lines also improves other facial and cosmetic features of your face; finer skin, pores, wrinkles and so much more.

    I hope that was helpful.


    I have seen improvements after 14 days of use.
    Some may see it earlier while others later.

    It’s a gradual process, just stick to doing it and follow best practices

    smith becky

    Hello Grace,

    Thanks for the replies you have given. They are very useful. I am presently seeing changes using light therapy. And yu are right, it is a gradual process.



    I have compared my before and after photos and I am elated!

    Do keep me posted on the improvements you experience along the way, and yes! a before photograph will help you see these improvements much easier.



    wow! just 14 days? I cannot wait to see results for me too. I’ve been using mine for just a week to lighten some dark spots and acne marks. Will red light also help lightening body scars?



    I haven’t really noticed any changes on my physical appearance but when it comes to the sleeping habits of my daughter and me though, yeah totally worked wonders!


    Hi ladies (and gentlemen if any)

    I was recommended to use light therapy as a remedy for my wrinkles. And reading your comments made me wonder, because I am 33 years old and have a lot of wrinkles. Do you think I would need to use it a little longer?


    Ozuna, you really need to use it daily or as part of your daily routine. And in no time you will see results.


    @Ozuna – I also recommend you to use it daily because red light therapy aims to solve skin issues and age spots. You may also check this article. What to know about red light therapy


    In my experienced, I can feel the recovery of my muscles after workout because of red light therapy so I’m recommending this to my friends.


    That’s actually depends on what type of cure you are aiming. RLT helps you cure a lot of things but it depends on the severity of it, I guess.


    Regarding about that, so if you want to treat some part of your body you have to do the whole body therapy?


    Light therapy can start to improve symptoms within just a few days. In some cases, though, it can take two or more weeks.

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