Is infrared light therapy only good for my body? or can I use for my pet?

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    smith becky

    I now recognize the effectiveness of infrared light therapy for the body, I am so enlightened and using it!. We have to dogs and a cat and they have been an amazing part of our family, I was wondering if I will see any benefits using infrared light for them.

    Would it work in similar manner to how it works on human body? what exact benefit will they get?


    grace peach

    Hello Becky,

    You are not alone! I don’t own pets, if I did, I would give them light therapy. I’ve seen pet owners treat their pets to with light therapy.

    However, it is advisable to use light lamps at a considerable distance away from their bodies (instructions for distance is usually available with products leaflets). Your pet will see benefits from using red and near infrared therapy.

    Injuries, infections and marks sustained from pet fights can be treated using red light therapy, this way they get to enjoy the benefits the human body gets from light therapy.

    They will thank you for it!

    smith becky

    Thank you grace…


    I’ve got friends who use a red light therapy lamp for their pets, now I understand why they do!

    grace peach

    All animals benefit a whole lot from the power of Light.


    Yes, my dog is old and a little frail. He became less anxious and is now in a better mood after sleeping with me inside my room where my red light is installed. However, I would suggest that the pets are a little farther away as they are more sensitive when it comes to lights.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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