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    Anna K

    Does having red light also provides benefit in my sleep quality? I have been having troubles being well rested for a while now and I hope someone here can share their feedback. Thank you!

    Millie Garcia

    I have read that red light permits the body to act as it would in a dark room, hence, red light does not drive the circadian rhythm of the body off balance. I have RubyLux All Red LED bulb and so far, I can say that I have been getting better sleep.


    I have been using red light as my nightlight and so far, so good. I feel like I have been sleeping well every night. It’s been amazing. Aside from the fact that I have also been getting clearer skin. The benefits of red light therapy just goes on and on and I love it. I am planning on getting more bulbs from rubylux.com for our other room. I currently have small all red bulbs and thinking of getting the RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb. ♥


    I recently got a red light as well for my son’s nursery and it’s amazing. Kid’s can benefit from it too. It’s great!


    Hi drew, I noticed your comment about it being beneficial for kids too, can you tell me more about it? I have two kids and sharing your experience will help me decide if I should use the red light for my kids’ room as well. 🙂


    My daughter has red light in her room that serves as her night light and it definitely helps her sleep deeper at night. I found out that red light supports the highest level of melatonin production, and I guess thats the secret to her deep sleep.


    Oh I see, I guess I have to replace my kids’ light bulbs for nighttime to red bulbs for them to be well rested and have enough sleep, specially these days they are always in front of the computer because classes are all done virtually. Thank you for suggesting it to me Rosiee! I will get back here to let you know if my kids sleep will get better and they’ll feel more energized.


    This comments are all true. I am getting good night’s sleep and even afternoon nap better than before. after using NIR lights I never woke up grumpy. I always feel relaxed and calm. It does not just help with healing of wounds and scars it also has indirect effects for your muscles as it can penetrate deeper to your skin so it soothes your body’s tensions.


    Anna K, I recommend you to try and sleep with a red bulb lights. You can use it as a night stand light just change the bulb of your lamp and you will be well rested for tomorrow. I have been moody before whenever I woke up early, but right now it does not bother me anymore.


    this thread is a great read my dear ladies. Thank you so much. Makes me want to switch and at the same time try different colors of light as it may beneficial as well. Do you know what light is better for headaches or migraines?


    Hi gals. Me, my husband and kids are all using red light as a night’s lamp. Kids are less grumpy when they wake up (you know kids) and less cranky because they need to wake up for online classes. My husband’s been more attentive in the morning as well. So I highly recommend for you guys to try it as a night lamp too!


    You girls rock. thank you for all the ideas. I like reading your experiences on this forum.


    Oh that’s great to know. I thought it is not safe to use the red light bulbs when sleeping as it may cause something bad. But I guess I do not have to worry at all. Thank you girls. You are all wonderful!


    Hi, I am new. I have insomnia, Do you think NIR light therapy or red light therapy will help me with this?


    It does have a positive effect on my sleep too. I sleep better and wake up lesser too during the night.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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